Credit: John Cairns

I’m Hannah, and my last name is actually Bond. I live with my husband, James (yes, really, and no, he won’t take my last name), between a little flat and an even littler boat in Oxford, UK. I love anything with praline in it, the satisfaction of putting things in rainbow order, and all animals. I have a drastic and serious inability to dance and a worryingly poor sense of direction.

My food history is patchy. I wasn’t one of those kids who could turn out a crème brûlée aged eight and knew the difference between a chanterelle and a shiitake. Food-wise, I had what I consider to be a fairly normal childhood for my age and demographic: turkey twizzlers and potato smilies at school; huge slabs of Dairy Milk from the cornershop; packets of ravioli in jars of pasta sauce at dinner if I was fending for myself.

I only started cooking properly in my twenties, and have become one of those people who insists everyone comes round for dinner all the time and presses jars of jam onto random strangers because I’ve accidentally made enough to keep us in preserves for several lifetimes to come.

In 2016, I kicked my food obsession up a gear, and graduated from the full professional diploma course at Leiths School of Food and Wine with a Distinction. This blog is a pet-project – I have a full-time day job in publishing. I’m just a normal person doing the best I can from a poky little kitchen in my free time, and often in my not-free time when I should be doing something else.

Welcome aboard.